Plastic Surgery Specials

Dr. Basu and the team at Basu Plastic Surgery in Houston offer special pricing and offers on cosmetic surgery, non-surgical facial rejuvenation, and skin care procedures our patients want the most. Read the details below for the latest specials on Houston Plastic Surgery!


January Specials

Injectible promos for January 2015:

  • $100 OFF each Juvederm Ultra syringe (Originally $600.00, so discounted price will be $500.00.
  • $100 OFF each Juvederm Ultra Plus syringe (Originally $675.00, so discounted price will be $575.00.
  • $150 OFF a Voluma syringe (Minimum purchase of 2 syringe) Originally $1,000 per syringe, so discounted pricing for 2 syringes will be $1,850.00 for 2 syringes. $150 OFF not honored if only 1 Voluma syringe is purchased.
  • $11/unit for Botox (Originally, $13.00/unit).

Skin Care Promos for January 2015:

  • 15% OFF entire purchase if 3 or more skin care products are purchased.
  • 20% OFF Neocutis ReACTIVE Anti-oxidant Serum ($98.00 Value).
  • 10% OFF Chemical Peels (NeoPeels – $130.00/peel)

Surgery Promos for January 2015:

  • $750 OFF BAMs scheduled in January/February.
  • $1000 OFF BBL scheduled in January/February.

CoolSculpting Promos for January 2015:

  • Family members/friends of pt get 50% OFF treatment package on day of pt’s surgery. (Value of $750.00, minumum of 2 treatments).
  • 20% OFF Treatment Package (Minimum purchase of 2 treatments).

Please remember:

  • Filler appointments require $100.00 deposit on day of booking.
  • Skin Care consult are complimentary.
  • Botox appointments require $25.00 deposit on day of booking.
  • Surgery consults require $100.00 deposit on day of booking.
  • CoolSculpting consultations are complimentary.

** If a prospective pt wants to come in for a consult and Dr. Basu is not available, they may come in to meet with a PCC. The consult fee then can be waived. Please just make sure the prospective pt is aware that it is a complimentary consult with a PCC NOT Dr. Basu. **


All specials listed are limited time only, once January is over your opportunity is gone. Call for details today and get started: 713-799-2278


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