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Dr. Basu’s Interview on Healthline

Learn more about JUVÉDERM® in this television interview with Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Bob Basu.

Yvette Hill: I got to looking at myself one day in the mirror and I just looked tired and mostly where I saw it was right here around my face, and I started to get these lines.

Reporter: These frustrations led Yvette Hill, a professional photographer and mother of two, to jumpstart a maintenance program for her skin. At only 42 years old, she was not ready for surgery.

Dr. Bob Basu: JUV&EacuteDERM® is basically an injectable filler. We perform it here in the office and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Reporter: The new procedure has already received a positive response from patients.

Dr. Bob Basu: The data shows that about 80 to 90 percent of patients are happy with their results beyond 6 to 8 months so we are seeing longer lasting results.

Reporter: Yvette Hill agrees.

Yvette Hill: It’s given me more confidence in the way I feel about myself. It makes me feel more like my age.

Dr. Basu: It’s really best suited for patients who are maybe not ready for surgical facial rejuvenation or just don’t need that just yet. It’s a great maintenance therapy to keep a younger, softer look.

Yvette Hill: First impressions are really important to me, so when I smile and people talk to me, I feel like they are looking at my eyes and not my wrinkles.