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Breakthroughs in Stem Cell-Enriched Fat Grafting

A new device by Cytroi Therapeutics called the Celution System recently received the CE mark of approval in Europe. The Celution System represents a breakthrough in stem cell-enriched fat grafting and promises to expand the uses of autologous fat grafting to effective breast reconstruction for partial mastectomy patients.

In addition to its application for fat graft preparation in breast reconstruction, the Celution System can also be used for fat graft preparation in wound healing and cosmetic fat grafting procedures including Brazilian Butt Lift and fat injection for wrinkle treatment and facial volume restoration.

European Celution System trials

The findings of Celution’s European trials indicated six months after breast reconstruction with stem cell-enriched fat grafting, the satisfaction rate among 51 patients was 73 percent, while physicians’ satisfaction with the same patients’ results was 84 percent.

One year after stem cell-enriched fat grafting for breast reconstruction, the satisfaction rate of the first 30 trial patients was 70 percent, while physician satisfaction of the same patients’ results was 90 percent.

There is still significant research to be done on the viability of stem cell-enriched fat grafting for breast reconstruction, however these initial results look promising.

Improvements in fat graft preparation

The Celution System is also designed to be used in tandem with the PureGraft System, another Cytori device. The PureGraft System is an FDA-approved, membrane-based tissue filtration device that allows autologous fat grafts to be prepared more quickly and in greater quantities.

Compared to other fat graft preparation devices, the PureGraft System works faster, taking only 15 minutes to purify a fat graft ranging from 50 to 250 mL by removing excess and unwanted fluid, lipid, blood cells and debris in a controlled manner, which in turn improves the efficiency of the Celution System

The future of stem cell-enriched fat grafting

Although the Celution System has been approved for distribution and use in Europe, the technology will need to be further tested before it is available in the U.S. Some surgeons are already experimenting with fat grafting as a means of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, however this is still highly experimental, and the aesthetic outcomes are far from perfected.

When performed in any cosmetic capacity, the success of fat grafting is highly dependent on the technique and skill of your doctor, so be sure to seek an experienced Houston plastic surgeon for fat injections.

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