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Dr. C. Bob Basu Wins RealSelf 100 Award

  HOUSTON, TX – FEBRUARY 19, 2016 – Local physician Dr. C. Bob Basu is one of 100 doctors in the nation to receive the prestigious RealSelf 100 Award, out of nearly 13,000 board certified specialists with a presence on RealSelf—the leading online community helping people make confident choices in elective cosmetic procedures. In a time… click to continue reading

The Top Plastic Surgery Stories of the Year

2014 is coming to a close — and oh, what a year it has been! The plastic surgery industry earned a lot of attention this year, most of it being positive, with the exception of some sad stories. As we reflect on the developments over the past year, Dr. Bob Basu recaps some of the… click to continue reading

How to Fit Plastic Surgery into Your Busy Lifestyle

Houston plastic surgeon Bob Basu is pleased to work with a diverse clientele of all lifestyles — many of whom have packed schedules with personal and professional commitments singulair 10mg. These busy individuals are susceptible to the effects of aging, stress, pregnancy and other elements, and many of them desire cosmetic enhancement for a more… click to continue reading

Short Cuts Are Not The Answer

It is critical to Do Your Homework before opting for cosmetic surgery. Not only is it important to research your procedures/surgeries, it is even more important to research your surgeon, before even thinking about booking a consultation. The necessity of finding a surgeon who is properly board-certified in Plastic surgery cannot be stressed enough to… click to continue reading

What Does It Mean to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

When pursuing plastic surgery, you want to trust that you are in the best and safest hands possible. The plastic surgeon you select should not only be educated, he should also be licensed to practice medicine in your state and certified by the appropriate medical board. Dr. Bob Basu, a plastic surgeon in Houston, recommends… click to continue reading

When is the Right Time For Facelift Surgery?

Men and women considering facial plastic surgery often ask their plastic surgeon: when is the best time for a facelift? A new study from Cleveland Clinic explores that question, and it shows that with proper screening, a facelift after the age of 65 can be just as safe as one performed for younger patients. Cleveland… click to continue reading

Plastic Surgery Groups Issue Statement on Stem Cell Claims

ASAPS and ASPS say that stem cells have promising potential, but marketing should reflect real data, which is still limited regarding safety and efficacy. A decision has been reached about stem cells in cosmetic surgery, from a special task force assigned by members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic… click to continue reading

Experts Say Injectable Filler Market Still Has Room for Growth

As injectable wrinkle treatments and lip, cheek and chin augmentation procedures have increased in popularity over the past two decades, facial filler manufacturers have flooded the U.S. market with injectable products made of collagen, hyaluronic acid gel and a number of other substances. Today, are so many filler options available to consumers that it’s a… click to continue reading

Study Finds Volume Loss in Bones Contributes to Facial Aging

In addition to facial fat and collagen depletion that cause the face to wrinkle and sag as we age, a recent study conducted by team of plastic surgeons found that bone loss and recession that occurs over time also contributes to facial aging. This “milestone” study, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons President Dr…. click to continue reading