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Study Looks at Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in the ER

In the emergency room, the role of a plastic surgeon is becoming increasingly important, according to a new study out of Istanbul, Turkey. To analyze the role of plastic surgery, the authors looked back on over 10,000 patients who had been admitted for emergency plastic surgery at a single Hospital. Factors such as patient age,… click to continue reading

Celebrity Comedy Podcast Raises Funds for Smile Train Charity

The 12-hour podcast (Pardcast-athon) last week hosted by Jimmy Pardo raked in over $28,000 for the charity Smile Train, whose mission is helping children in third world countries with cleft lip and palate. The 2009 Pardcast-a-thon took 9 hours and raised $16,000 with appearances from Jon Hamm, Chris Hardwick, Greg Behrendt, Maria Bamford and many… click to continue reading

Botox Eases Pain in Breast Cancer Survivors

Plastic surgeon Dr. Allen Gabriel recently completed clinical trials to determine whether Botox injections could provide relief for breast cancer survivors suffering from post-operative pain following mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Not only did the muscle-relaxing injections prove to make trial participants more comfortable, Chris Durst, a 58-year-old breast cancer survivor and one of Dr. Gabriel’s… click to continue reading

Botox Helps Reduce Post Operative Pain of Breast Reconstruction

Botox may be used to minimize post-operative pain for breast reconstruction patients, according to plastic surgeon Allen Gabriel M.D., who presented about the topic at the recent International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Congress. The doctor conducted a 30-patient clinical trial for this off-label application, demonstrating that botulinum toxin type A can address post-operative pain…. click to continue reading