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In the Battle of the Bra Bulge, Can CoolSculpting® Help?

Many women suffer from the dreaded bra bulge: those unsightly lumps and bulges that just won’t seem to go away no matter how many quinoa salads you eat or early morning Pilates classes you attend. Now, a revolutionary new procedure can actually rid you of bra bulge once and for all—and it’s completely non-invasive. A… click to continue reading

How Body Contouring Can Complement Your Weight Loss Results

Significant weight loss should definitely be a celebratory event. Yet, many people find that loose or excess skin post-weight loss keeps them from fully enjoying the results that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. If this is the case for you, you may want to consider these three body contouring procedures to complement your weight… click to continue reading

Five Lifestyle Changes to Make Before Plastic Surgery

Taking steps to improve your health and preparing your body (and mind) for plastic surgery can help ensure beautiful, successful results. In this blog post, Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Bob Basu shares his recommendations on lifestyle changes to make prior to your procedure. 1.   Quit Smoking Not only is smoking terrible for your overall health,… click to continue reading