Cosmetic surgery for the face and body can help you look and feel your best, while nonsurgical procedures let you refresh your appearance without downtime.

As a top board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Dr. Bob Basu is well-known throughout Texas for his skill in achieving natural-looking results from cosmetic, reconstructive, and nonsurgical procedures for men and women.

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  • Breast: Breast reconstruction or cosmetic breast surgery can help women feel more comfortable in their bodies and achieve a greater sense of self-confidence.
  • Body Contouring: Fine-tuning the body with aesthetic surgery can bring out the best in your figure, help clothes fit more comfortably, and preserve a youthful look for longer.
  • Face: Whether bringing better harmony to the facial features or turning back the hands of time, facial cosmetic surgery can help each individual put their best face forward.
  • Nonsurgical Procedures: Noninvasive treatments for the face and body can help men and women look their best without surgery or further enhance the results of another procedure.
  • For Men: Cosmetic procedures for men can restore confidence and preserve youthfulness by addressing common concerns for the face and body.