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Meet Madison Nieberlein, PA-C

Madison Nieberlein, PA-C

About this Episode

Madison Nieberlein, PA-C has a multifaceted skill set that is put to excellent use across all of Basu Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, from the operating room where she assists Dr. Basu in surgery, in clinic where she helps patients in those critical moments before and after surgery, or in the medical spa where you might find her doing injectables like Botox and Restylane.

Madison draws on her experience as an elite collegiate athlete and her recent medical mission to Guatemala to be warm and empathetic, and to expertly anticipate the needs of her patients.

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Intro (00:06):
This is Behind the Double Doors with Dr. Bob Basu.

Dr. Bob Basu (00:12):
Welcome, Madison, to Behind the Double Doors. First, I want to ask what is a PA and how do you help patients in our practice?

Madison (00:19):
When I tell people I’m a PA, a lot of people aren’t familiar with the term PA. What that stands for is a physician assistant or physician associate. What that entails is an education that’s either two and a half or three years. It was designed after the medical school model to supplement the physician role and to expand the physician or surgeon’s reach of care. With that being said, the PA is really dependent on the doctor or surgeon’s training and is allocated to certain tasks that the doctor or surgeon feels that that PA is able to perform well with their supervision. I do a lot of things with Basu Plastic Surgery. I do injectables. I also assist in surgery and also help see clinic patients, whether that’s preoperatively or postoperatively.

Dr. Bob Basu (01:16):
Excellent. Now, what made you want to be a PA?

Madison (01:20):
I knew I wanted to go into medicine from a young age. I actually did apply to medical school and PA schools. I knew that medicine was the choice for me. It was just what field and what kind of life I wanted to live. PA ended up being the best fit at the time. I knew I wanted to do plastic surgery also from a relatively young age. I’ve always been a creative person and I’ve always been relatively good with my hands in terms of procedural things. I knew that PA and being in plastic surgery would be a really great fit for me, and my timeframe and what I wanted to do with my life. I’m really happy I made the decision I did.

Dr. Bob Basu (02:03):
We’re happy you’re on board helping care for our patients, both in the operating room, in the office and also in our med spa. What procedures do you love to do? When I say procedures, specifically the nonsurgical procedures. What are your favorite med spa procedures and why?

Madison (02:19):
I really enjoy doing lips. I think that filler, whether it’s lips, cheeks, jawline, filler is one of my favorite things to do because it can really be such a subtle, but drastic difference for somebody’s facial profile. I think in aesthetics, it’s so important to have those nonsurgical options as patients don’t always need them, but you always want to have the option to also undergo them if you need them. Here at Basu, it’s so nice because we have both of those worlds and being able to have a patient come in and being able to say, “Okay, what you seek is achievable, whether that’s in the operating room or whether it’s not, and we have both options available for you.”

Dr. Bob Basu (03:05):
Absolutely. I often tell all my facial rejuvenation patients, even the surgical facial rejuvenation patients that surgical and nonsurgical, it’s not one or the other. They’re actually very synergistic and all my surgical face and neck lift patients, part of my treatment plan is to have them see Madison or Denae to have some nonsurgical treatments to enhance the surgical result and maintain the quality of that surgical result. Absolutely agree with you, Madison, the surgery and non-surgery go hand in hand. It’s not necessarily one or the other always. Now let’s talk about some stuff outside of the office. What do you like to do outside of the office when you’re not busy injecting patients or working in the operating room?

Madison (03:47):
I was a collegiate athlete in college. I played volleyball. I played both indoor volleyball and sand volleyball, so I do love to play sports. I do love to exercise. I think that also makes you a good provider and even a good plastic surgery provider. If you’re good with your hands and you can see things before they happen, it gives you the edge when you’re assisting in surgery and also seeing space for what it is when you’re injecting. Just being overall good with your hands is a nice thing to have. I love doing sports, but also love to paint. I’ve been very creative and somewhat of an artist from a young age as well. Getting in those rooms where they have the canvas out ready for you, and you’re doing that with your friends. I love doing things like that.

Dr. Bob Basu (04:39):
You mentioned one of your favorite procedures is doing a lip augmentation or lip filler. Now I know that you and I have seen walking around Houston, and I’m sure listeners have seen in their own communities wherever they’re at, not so good lip jobs. You’ve got duck lips. It’s overdone, looks horrible. We’ve all seen it, right?

Madison (04:59):

Dr. Bob Basu (05:00):
What can you tell a patient that’s worried about that, that they don’t want duck lips? How do you achieve natural and balanced results?

Madison (05:08):
I think that’s one of the most common questions I do get. A lot of the hesitation that I get as well when I am assessing somebody, the exam is important, taking into account balancing facial profile. I take into account, somebody’s natural lip contour and I take into account, dimensions of their face. It’s often really important, I know it’s commonly said, but it’s so true, that the injector’s manner and the technique is important. Having the natural result is very injector-dependent and somebody who knows what filler will best fit you and your wants and your needs, and also matching your facial profile. You don’t want to overdo anything. If anything, if you do want bigger lips, that should be done in phases, technically for somebody that wants that bigger look. Your look is achievable, but we always want to go with something natural and making sure that we’re staying within our facial symmetry, and just trying to achieve the most natural look possible is really injector-dependent.

Dr. Bob Basu (06:22):
It’s all about balance and everyone has a different endpoint in what they’re trying to accomplish, but we always keep in mind facial balance and harmony because when there’s imbalance, that’s when you get artificial, obviously filled results that are not necessarily complimentary to your aesthetic, so it’s all about balance. What’s your favorite lip filler? Which product you love and why?

Madison (06:47):
I love Restylane Kysse. It’s really a great product for the lips for two reasons. One, it’s giving you the volume, but it’s also giving you the structure. Part of that duck lip look is the way that the filler is injected by the injector, but also potentially using a product that doesn’t give you enough structure to hold what I tell patients is the superior and inferior volume. What that means in layman’s terms is to get projection upwards and downwards versus projection outwards, that volume look. We definitely want a little projection outwards, but to get a really natural looking lip and contour, I think Restylane Kysse gives me the ability to enhance the lips most naturally looking and I can give best result with that a lot of times

Dr. Bob Basu (07:41):
I’ll echo that. Our patients absolutely love the results with Restylane Kysse. It’s great product. Now on a different note, you’ve been on medical missions with Faith in Practice and recently went to Guatemala. Can you tell us about that trip and what you do there?

Madison (07:56):
We went with a group of physicians and surgeons. I went with my previous practice, who was a plastic surgeon. We did a lot of reconstruction. We did craniofacial reconstruction. We also did breast reconstruction in the sense of not cancer per se, but somebody who’s had a congenital malformation. Basically, what that means is that somebody was born with something that needed to be reconstructed and helping be a first assist and also scrub tech in those surgeries. We really got to treat people who needed that plastic surgery care and needed those life changing surgeries. It was such a blessing to be able to do that. It really reminds you how grateful we should be here because we’re so blessed to have such great healthcare. Those people don’t have very much and it, it really just humbles you, and I’m super thankful I was able to be a part of it.

Dr. Bob Basu (08:56):
I’m sure the patients that you helped are super thankful you were there, so thank you. What can patients expect when they come to see you for the first time?

Madison (09:03):
They can expect a smiling face and somebody that will listen to them. There are providers out there that don’t always listen to the patient and their wants, and desires and hopes. Understanding your patient and hearing them is such a big, big part of our role. When you come and see me, I will address your concerns. Every patient is different and I will treat you that way. We’ll come up with a plan together and we’ll do what fits you best.

Dr. Bob Basu (09:30):
Excellent. Where can I find more information about you?

Madison (09:34):
You can find me on You can also follow the Basu Plastic Surgery page at Basu Plastic Surgery on Instagram. You can also follow my own personal page. It’s Mado, M-A-D-O, .theplasticpa, which are linked in the show notes.

Dr. Bob Basu (09:53):
Awesome. Before we wrap up, for listeners in our podcast, we give $50 off any service. Let me ask you, Madison. If you were going to use $50 towards anything, tell us what product or treatment would it be?

Madison (10:05):
I would either use it towards Botox, or I would use it towards filler. I know that’s such a basic answer, but both products can really change you depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Filler is going to help with volume and facial profiling, while Botox is really changing your face for getting rid of those wrinkles and helping with aging. Depending on what your goal is, either one of those will be a really great choice and you’ll be happy with your end result.

Dr. Bob Basu (10:36):
Who can I talk to if I have questions about your services?

Madison (10:39):
Ways to contact us would be calling our office phone, and then also finding us on Instagram and also our website. You can check the show notes for links to either of those.

Outro (10:56):
Basu Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is located in Northwest Houston in the Towne Lake area of Cypress. If you’d like to be a guest or ask a question for Dr. Basu to answer on the podcast, go to On Instagram, follow Dr. Basu and the team at Basu Plastic Surgery. That’s B-A-S-U Plastic Surgery. Behind the Double Doors is a production of The Axis, T-H-E

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