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Double Fold Eyelid Surgery

Unlike traditional eyelid surgery, double fold eyelid surgery involves techniques designed to address the unique cosmetic concerns of men and women who want to create a more open appearance to the eyes, such as people of Asian descent. Whether for aesthetic or medical reasons, many people seek double fold eyelid surgery in Houston with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bob Basu to create a more open, refreshed, and alert look.

Dr. Basu’s experience, combined with his sensitive approach to each patient, makes him one of the top plastic surgeons in the area, helping men and women in Houston and throughout Texas look and feel more confident and refreshed.

Contact us online or call our office today at (713) 799-2278 to schedule a consultation at Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in Houston and Cypress.

Why Consider Double Fold Eyelid Surgery?

Some men and women of certain ethnic and racial backgrounds seek a more open, alert appearance of the eyes, while still maintaining the natural facial structure of their ethnic heritage. The look of a “double eyelid”—where a crease is slightly visible from beneath the upper eyelid skin—is considered highly desirable by many men and women across the world. Double fold eyelid surgery can provide this eyelid crease, as well as help to improve various features of the eye structure, including:

  • Opening the eye while maintaining its natural shape
  • Reducing sagging or puffy skin around the eyes
  • Improving impaired vision that may result from the unique eye structure of some ethnic groups
  • Improving irritation and potential damage caused by your eyelashes brushing against your cornea

Am I a Good Candidate for Double Fold Eyelid Surgery?

If you are concerned about the appearance or feel of your upper eyelids, you could be a good candidate for double fold eyelid surgery. If you are in good health and are a good candidate for this procedure, Dr. Basu will work with you individually to design a surgical plan that will deliver the results you desire. Please note that to be considered as a candidate for double fold eyelid surgery, you must have a BMI of 40 or less.

How Much Does Double Fold Eyelid Surgery Cost in Houston?

The cost of double fold eyelid surgery in Houston varies depending on the surgeon and practice. Your total costs will include facility fees, the cost of anesthesia and your pre-op and post-op appointments.

At Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery, we offer frequent special promotions for double fold eyelid surgery, as well as a variety of plastic surgery financing options to make your procedure as affordable as possible.

Your Double Fold Eyelid Surgery Options

During your eyelid surgery consultation, Dr. Basu will discuss your concerns with you and explain the details of double fold eyelid surgery. He will take the time to understand the outcome that you want and help you decide whether this procedure is right for you.

There are many options to consider before pursuing double fold eyelid surgery, including whether another facial procedure, such as facelift surgery, should be performed at the same time. Dr. Basu will work with you to determine a surgical plan that best suits your needs to create the results that you hope for.

Bob Basu, MD, MBA, MPH, FACS

  • Princeton-Educated, Nationally Recognized, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Over 16,000 Cosmetic Procedures Performed
  • Top Doc in “Best Plastic Surgeon” category for over a decade

Your Double Fold Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Dr. Basu will explain your options and the details of your double fold eyelid surgery and recovery prior to surgery. During your procedure, Dr. Basu will remove excess skin and/or fat in the upper eyelids to create your desired look and reduce any vision impairment that may be associated with the natural structure of the eyes. Depending on your aesthetic goals and unique physiology, Dr. Basu may use a full incision, partial incision, or no incision approach to sculpting the eyelids.

Your Recovery & Results

While your specific recovery will largely depend on the surgical technique used, most patients can expect to be back at work after 1 week. After your double fold eyelid surgery, some swelling, redness or bruising may occur, but these symptoms typically diminish on their own within 1 to 2 weeks. Exercise may be gradually resumed after 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. Giving your eyes plenty of rest and allowing your body enough time to heal can help ensure a safe recovery and smooth, natural-looking results.

If a full incision is required to achieve your double fold eyelid surgery goals, you may be left with a small scar on your upper eyelid, which will be hidden within your eyelid crease. If no incision is required, sutures will be placed inconspicuously beneath your eyelid skin to create your eyelid crease.

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