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Facial Procedures for Men

As men age, they can face different aesthetic difficulties than women and may struggle with low self-esteem when the image they see in the mirror doesn’t reflect how they feel inside. Rejuvenating the male face requires special attention to the proportions of male features and a focus on natural-looking results. With the right approach, facial plastic surgery procedures can help Houston men increase self-confidence, impress a partner, and even breathe new life into a career.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bob Basu specializes in facial enhancement for both men and women. His background in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, combined with his personalized approach to each individual’s needs, makes him a top pick for people throughout the state of Texas and the nation interested in looking and feeling their best.

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Why Consider Facial Procedures for Men?

Men may consider rejuvenating their facial appearance for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • The aging process has left sagging skin or loose tissue on the face or neck
  • Excess eyelid skin creates an aged or tired appearance
  • Under eye bags create a fatigued look in the upper and mid face
  • Sagging jowls or turkey neck detract from facial contours
  • Jawline lacks definition

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your facial features for any reason, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery for the face. However, please note that to be considered as a candidate for any surgical procedure, you must have a BMI of 40 or less. Facial procedures are designed to meet your unique needs by minimizing the effects of age and creating a more youthful, alert and well-defined appearance.

How Much Do Facial Procedures for Men Cost in Houston?

The costs of facial rejuvenation procedures vary depending on the practice, surgeon and the exact treatments you choose. Your total costs will be inclusive of facility fees, the price of anesthesia and your pre-op and post-op care.

At Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery, we frequently have special promotions for facial procedures. We also offer plastic surgery financing options to help make your rejuvenation plan as affordable as possible.

Bob Basu, MD, MBA, MPH, FACS

  • Princeton-Educated, Nationally Recognized, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Over 16,000 Cosmetic Procedures Performed
  • Top Doc in “Best Plastic Surgeon” category for over a decade

Your Male Facial Procedure Options

If you’ve made the choice to move forward with facial rejuvenation, you’ll be able to consider a range of options to achieve the best possible results.

Eyelid Surgery

Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is one of the most popular minor facial surgeries that can make a prominent difference in your appearance. As we age, the skin of our upper and lower eyelids tends to become lax and we lose some facial tissue surrounding our eyes, which can contribute to a hollowed or tired look. Upper and lower blepharoplasty tighten the eyelid skin, restore the underlying musculature and reallocate facial tissue and fat for a brighter, more alert and younger look around the eyes.


Men with more advanced signs of aging can take years off of their appearance with facelift surgery. A facelift smoothes and firms the skin of the mid and lower face, diminishing wrinkles and removing sagging jowls. Facelift surgery is frequently combined with eyelid surgery for a more comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation surgery using a solid silicone implant can be an effective treatment option for men who are bothered by having a weak or receding chin. A more defined chin can bring harmony to the face, improve the profile and help men feel more confident about their appearance. Chin augmentation is a fairly quick procedure with only about a week of downtime and long-lasting, maintenance-free results.

Neck Lift

Loose neck skin, prominent neck bands and turkey neck are all results of the aging process. A neck lift aims to restore the neck to its more youthful appearance by tightening the skin and repairing the platysmal bands, or neck bands. Neck lift surgery is often combined with a facelift, but can be performed on its own for men who aren’t ready for a facelift just yet.

In addition to the above procedures, men can benefit from minor surgeries for the face such as fat injections and double chin treatment, along with nonsurgical med spa treatments.

Your Facial Procedure

During your consultation with Dr. Basu, he will explain the benefits of various facial procedures in greater detail and help you map out a plan to address your cosmetic concerns.

Your exact facial surgery will depend on the approach you decide upon with Dr. Basu. Depending on the extent of your procedure, Dr. Basu may operate using either local or general anesthesia. In every facial surgery, Dr. Basu takes special care to make incisions as small and discreet as possible so that scarring will be minimal and not detract from your results.

Your Recovery & Results

Immediately following your facial surgery, you will likely experience some swelling, bruising and tightness surrounding the treated area. Dr. Basu may provide you with special dressings or cold compresses to use during the first few days of your recovery. Most people take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks away from work as they heal, depending on how their bodies respond to surgery and how extensive their procedure is. You are advised to avoid strenuous exercise for the first few weeks after your surgery, gradually easing into your normal routine in the weeks and months after that.

Schedule Your Consultation

To take the first step toward achieving your ideal look with facial procedures, contact us online or call our Houston office today at (713) 799-2278.