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Tummy Tuck Houston, TX


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Whether you were left with a sagging belly after having kids or had a dramatic weight loss, you can get the sleek, toned tummy you want by undergoing tummy tuck surgery. Unfortunately, overstretched skin and abdominal muscles cannot be resolved with diet and exercise and must be corrected surgically.

A tummy tuck can be performed in combination with other plastic surgery procedures, such as breast enhancement in a mommy makeover, or as part of post-weight loss body contouring. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Basu’s extensive experience with breast and body procedures means you’ll get recommendations and a plan designed just for you.

Dr. Bob Basu


  • Over 16,000 aesthetic procedures performed
  • Board-certified plastic surgeon, Princeton-educated and nationally recognized
  • Houston Top Doc in Plastic Surgery for over 12 years
Meet Dr. Basu


You’re a good candidate for a tummy tuck if you’re not expecting to have any more children, are at or near your goal weight, and have no significant medical problems.


The cost of a tummy tuck ranges from $9,500 to $14,000+ depending on your individual needs. The total cost of your procedure includes facility fees, anesthesia-related charges, and your pre- and post-op appointments.


You'll need to rest and take it easy for 1-2 weeks after tummy tuck surgery, but you will recover in comfort thanks to advanced pain management techniques.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

The greatest benefit of tummy tuck surgery is the improved confidence and self-esteem you’ll feel once you have a slim, flat abdomen.

What can you expect from a tummy tuck?

  • Sagging or hanging abdominal skin is eliminated
  • Separated abdominal muscles are repaired (diastasis recti or ventral hernia)
  • The waist is contoured for a firm, attractive look
  • Stubborn pockets of fat on hips, thighs, and abdomen are removed
  • C-section scars and stretch marks on the lower abdomen are eliminated


You are a candidate for a tummy tuck if you:

  • Have a BMI of 39 or less
  • Are at or near your goal weight
  • Have maintained a stable, healthy weight for at least three months
  • No significant medical problems
  • Are finished having children (while it is possible to have more children after a tummy tuck, another pregnancy can impact your results)

If you still have a lot of weight to lose to reach your goal weight, you may want to re-evaluate the timing of your tummy tuck so you gain the greatest benefit of the procedures. Significant weight fluctuations after tummy tuck surgery can negatively impact your results.

Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, or Both?

Many people wonder if liposuction alone can deliver a flat tummy. The answer depends on whether the problem is primarily excess fat or excess skin and tissue. Liposuction is the preferred option for treating unwanted fat. However, liposuction can actually worsen sagging if you also have excess abdominal skin. If you have excess skin, you are much better suited to a tummy tuck, which removes skin along with some residual fat.

Many tummy tuck patients choose to combine their procedures with liposuction at the waist or love handles for more sculpted results. While a tummy tuck on its own can dramatically improve the front of the midsection, liposuction can be useful to reduce excess fat on the sides of the waist or hips to streamline, firm, and enhance your figure. Patients who have received either procedure have reported significant improvements in their quality of life.

Which Kind of Tummy Tuck Will I Need?

No matter your size, shape, or age, there is a solution for almost everyone. While most people benefit from a full, or “traditional” tummy tuck, some are better candidates for other similar procedures:

  • If your abdominal muscles do not need repair, a mini tummy tuck might be enough.
  • If you need more and will require an extended tummy tuck.
  • If you’re overweight, you may still be able to have surgery if you meet the right criteria. Read more about plus-size tummy tuck.

tummy tuck incisions illustration
tummy tuck incisions illustration


The appearance of your scars will depend on the type of tummy tuck you undergo, how well you care for your incisions after surgery, and the way your body scars. A mini-abdominoplasty has a shorter horizontal incision and no navel incision. An extended tummy tuck will have a longer horizontal incision that may extend to your flanks.

Dr. Basu understands that scarring is a concern for most patients. He uses meticulous techniques to minimize tension on the scars and ensure that they heal to flat, faint lines. Scars are inevitable after tummy tuck surgery, but Dr. Basu’s careful placement and meticulous wound closure technique ensure the incision lines are placed in inconspicuous places so you can wear low-cut bottoms, including bikini bottoms, with confidence.

Listen here to the Which Tummy Tuck is Right For Me? episode of Behind the Double Doors, our plastic surgery and aesthetics podcast hosted by Dr. Bob Basu.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost in Houston?

Here in Houston, tummy tuck costs can vary from $9,500 to more than $14,000 depending on your needs. The total cost of your procedure includes facility fees, costs of anesthesia, and your pre- and post-op appointments.

At Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery, we offer special promotions for a variety of cosmetic procedures. We also offer easy plastic surgery financing options to help make your tummy tuck affordable.

Another factor in the price is the credentialing, qualifications, and experience of your surgeon. You may find very appealing prices on tummy tuck surgery in the Houston area, but it is very important to exercise caution. But choosing the cheapest doctor—often an under-qualified or inexperienced surgeon can put your health and appearance at risk.

Be sure that you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with an excellent safety record, many positive online reviews, and glowing patient testimonials. Your board certified plastic surgeon should also specialize in tummy tuck procedures and have an impressive before-and-after gallery.


Calling to talk to our empathetic, kind, and experienced patient care coordinators is the first step toward scheduling a consultation, and an in-person consultation with Dr. Basu is the best way to determine if a mommy makeover is right for you.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Basu, he will speak with you about your tummy tuck options in detail, as well as the results you can expect. He works with you to determine a surgical plan that best suits your needs to create the results that you envision. Every tummy tuck is a custom procedure.


Tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so you will not be awake or experience any pain during the procedure. Your surgery can last from two to three hours to complete.

The surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art, Texas Department of Health licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), the Beleza Surgery Center. This ASC is one of the few facilities in the state that subspecializes in aesthetic plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Basu works closely with his ABA-certified anesthesiologist Mary Ellen Firat, MD, to create a safe anesthesia care plan. If the stomach muscles need to be repaired, you will receive a muscle relaxant as well.

During surgery, any hernias will be repaired, the underlying muscles structure tightened, and excess skin, fat, and tissue removed, after which the incisions will be carefully and delicately sutured to limit scarring. Dr. Basu takes special care to place all incisions as discreetly as possible, although some scarring is part of the process. The incision length and location will vary based upon your individual condition and a dressing will be applied to protect the incisions as they heal. Most people feel that the scars are well worth the tradeoff. After surgery, you’ll wear a compression garment that will provide support and pressure to aid in healing and limit swelling.

Your Recovery & Results

Recovery from your Houston tummy tuck will vary based on how your body responds to surgery. Most people take at least 1–2 weeks away from work and their other normal activities to recover. You will need to avoid strenuous exercise for another several weeks. Your final results should be achieved about 6–8 weeks after your surgery, with incisions fading progressively over time.

You should participate in light walking immediately after surgery, but you will be walking flexed at your waist in the skier’s posture for 7–10 days. You should feel at your baseline 10–14 days after your surgery. However, Dr. Basu recommends no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 5–6 weeks. Most people are able to see their final results in 6–8 weeks after their surgery. Results continue to improve over the next several months as you continue to heal. While it takes some patience, the results are well worth the wait!


One of the top concerns Dr. Basu hears from patients is fear about the amount of pain involved with this surgery. That depends on the extent of the surgery and your individual pain threshold. To ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, Dr. Basu performs nerve blocks on all of his tummy tuck patients.

Nerve blocks utilize a local anesthetic called Exparel® to numb the areas treated. Most patients will feel no pain at the surgical sites for several days. The effects last up to 72 hours or longer. Some patients do not even need prescription pain medication, finding that over-the-counter pain relievers are enough to keep them comfortable during recovery.


The results of a tummy tuck are the direct result of the experience, skills, and artistry of your plastic surgeon. Dr. Bob Basu has successfully performed over 16,000 aesthetic procedures and has over 14 years of experience with body and breast procedures.

Dr. Basu has honed his techniques and artistry and is known for his superior surgical results. He believes the key to excellent tummy tuck results is to enhance and perfect your existing body features. He performs all tummy tuck procedures with 100% honesty regarding the results you can expect to achieve.

Find out why so many people in the Houston area choose Dr. Basu for their tummy tuck procedures. using the online form, or call our office at (713) 799-2278 to schedule your appointment.

Tummy Tuck FAQ


Yes, some or all of your stretch marks can be eliminated with a tummy tuck.


No, insurance will not cover a full abdominoplasty. The surgery to repair the muscles and reposition the belly button is not typically covered. However, if you have documented chronic infections under the excess skin, or have undergone a massive weight loss, you may need a panniculectomy which can sometimes be covered. Contact your insurance company to see if this might be included in your benefits.


Most people who undergo a tummy tuck will have the skin around their belly button detached and repaired, but the belly button is not removed – it is relocated so that it is placed centrally on your abdomen. A new opening will be created in which to place the belly button and it is sutured into position on your newly-repaired, smoothed abdominal skin. Dr. Basu is extremely meticulous when it comes to wound closure, and he hides the bellybutton incision within the contours of the navel, so it should be inconspicuous. In many cases, the “new” belly button a significant improvement over the original.


While there is no medical reason to avoid pregnancy, it is recommended that you wait until you are done having children. When pregnant, the results of the surgery can be affected, once again altering the tummy muscles and skin, and could require a second surgery.


The look of your scars will depend on the type of tummy tuck you undergo, how well you care for your incisions after surgery, and you individual healing process. A mini abdominoplasty has a shorter horizontal incision, with no navel incision. An extended tummy tuck will have a longer horizontal incision that may extend to your flanks. Dr. Basu understands that scarring is a concern for most patients. He uses meticulous incision closure techniques to minimize tension on the area, so they heal to flat, faint lines. He places incisions discreetly so that scars are not visible, even when wearing a bikini swimsuit or low-cut underwear.


Although drains are not always required, Dr. Basu does commonly add them during tummy tuck surgery to help prevent complications. A tummy tuck creates a temporary “open space” within the abdomen where fluid could accumulate in the early stages of healing. Drains prevent fluid from building up, significantly reducing the risk of a seroma, which is a pocket of clear fluid. The drains are typically removed in about one week or less.