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Plus Size Tummy Tuck in Houston, TX

A plus-size tummy tuck may be the perfect procedure if you are ready to get back into shape and need to jumpstart the process. This custom surgical procedure will trim away excess fat, skin, and tissue, and tighten the abdominal muscle structure. A plus size tummy tuck is a customized procedure when performed by Dr. Basu, performed to surgically improve the abdomen to create a more sculpted, attractive figure.

What are the benefits of a plus-size tummy tuck?

The benefits of a plus-size tummy tuck can be life-changing! The benefits include:

  • Clothing fits better
  • Resolves a bulging tummy and excess skin and fat
  • Exercise is easier to perform once healed
  • No more hanging skin folds or chafing
  • Tightened abdominal muscles for a trimmer figure
  • Increased self-confidence in your body image

The benefits are there to be experienced and many people have found incredible relief with this transformational procedure.

Am I a candidate for a plus-size tummy tuck?

Candidates for a plus-size tummy tuck generally include those who have already begun the process of losing weight and are now within a certain range of their ideal weight. Ideal candidates for a plus size tummy tuck should:

  • Be physically and emotional healthy
  • Not have high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease
  • Be medically safe to undergo elective surgery
  • Show that they’ve maintained a stable weight or consistent weight loss towards a more ideal weight
  • Not pregnant or planning on getting pregnant

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Basu is the best way to determine if this procedure is right for you, further explore undergoing a plus size tummy tuck.

During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to have all your questions answered regarding the procedure, recovery, and results.

Planning your plus size tummy tuck

When you are working with Dr. Basu, you can expect a personalized approach. You may want to discuss other procedures to be performed in conjunction with your tummy tuck such as liposuction, breast reduction, or a breast lift. It is your body and your vision that is most important. When you work with Dr. Basu, you will feel supported, empowered, and understood.

Your health will also be assessed, and a customized health regimen will be provided to follow prior to your surgical appointment. A full medical evaluation, including reviewing your medications or supplements is a critical part of planning your surgery Dr. Basu focuses on patient health and safety in every procedure he performs.

What should I expect during the procedure?

You will be under general anesthesia and will not experience any pain during the procedure. The incision length and location will vary, based upon your individual condition. During surgery, any hernias will be repaired, the underlying muscles structure tightened, and excess skin, fat, and tissue removed, after which the incisions will be carefully and delicately sutured to limit scarring.

When you become alert after surgery, you will be wearing compression bandaging or a special garment that will provides support and pressure to aid in healing and limit swelling.

What is recovery like?

It is advised that you plan on taking two weeks off of work to rest and recover, after which you will begin to feel like yourself – only better, as your tummy zone is now slimmer, and free from excess skin, fat, and tissue.

During your recovery you should focus on resting, eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, and avoiding putting any stress on the surgical site. Gentle walks can help to speed healing.

You will need to avoid strenuous activity for at least six weeks, and only begin exercise or activities after Dr. Basu gives you the go-ahead. Arrange to have help from a friend or family member in the early stages of recovery, and to stay with you for the first few days after surgery. You will have restricted motion and must not lift objects (including children and pets) that weigh more than five pounds.

Why choose Dr. Basu?

Dr. Basu is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a private plastic surgery clinic in Houston. He is results-driven and has established a state-of-the-art luxury clinic that provides a world-class experience. If you are considering undergoing a plus size tummy tuck, you can be confident that your surgery will be performed by one of the most respected and accomplished plastic surgeons practicing in Houston.

We believe that you deserve a superior experience and outcome from your procedure. Dr. Basu focuses on producing results that exceed your expectations.