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Breast Implant Removal in Houston, TX

It may be necessary to remove breast implants to restore your natural breast size or correct a problem associated with your implants. Dr. Basu can assist you to remove breast implants and restore your breasts to the natural size or replace the implants.

Reasons for breast implant removal

Some of the reasons women choose to have breast implants removed include:

  • A desire to return to original breast size
  • Complications with existing implants
  • Breast implants too small
  • Breasts appear uneven
  • Malpositioned implants
  • Capsular contracture
  • Ruptured implant
  • Folding or rippling on the implant surface
  • Infections, bleeding
  • Necrotic tissue

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular procedure, and many surgeons offer this service. Problems can arise when a breast augmentation was performed with poor technique, with the patient suffering complications.

Dr. Basu is a highly-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in breast implant removal. He is known for his artistry in breast augmentation, as well as for his carefully-performed breast implant removal surgeries.

If you need to remove breast implants, whether to restore your natural breast size, resolve a complication, replace implants, or other reason, you can trust Dr. Basu to perform the surgery with the meticulous care for superior results.

What is the procedure?

The procedure for the removal of the implant involves placing incisions in the earlier incision site so no added scars is created. The implants will be carefully removed. If scar tissue has developed (capsular contracture), the hardened scar tissue will be removed.

If you are returning to your natural breast size, any excess skin will be trimmed away, and your breast tissue reshaped so your breasts appear natural and beautiful.

Breast implant removal after rupture

If you have suffered breast implant rupture, it is necessary to undergo breast implant removal. While modern implants rarely rupture, they are manmade and can fail. A ruptured implant could be the result of an improperly filled saline implant, defective seam or valve, or the result of trauma.

Once the implant has ruptured, it must be surgically removed. Dr. Basu understand that this is a stressful situation for you and will do everything possible to help you through the process with compassionate, professional care.

What is the recovery like?

Recovery varies from person to person, but in general the recovery from implant removal will be similar to recovery from augmentation, or shorter. You will need about a five to ten days off work, and will need to avoid vigorous physical activities, sleep on your back, and wear a compression garment to keep the breasts stable during healing.

Breast implant removal and breast lift

If you have had implants for a long period, it is normal for the skin to stretch due to weight, and to accommodate the implants. You may choose to have a breast lift in conjunction with breast implant removal so your natural breast tissue can be reshaped, and excess skin removed so the breasts sit higher on your chest wall. Only a private consultation will reveal what procedure will create the result you envision.

Why choose Dr. Basu for breast implant removal?

Dr. Basu is highly sought-after as an accomplished surgeon for breast augmentation and implant removal. Many women have changed how they feel about the size of existing implants and want a more natural look. Others have suffered some type of complication and need the implants removed.

When you have chosen to alter your breast size by removing implants, you can expect compassionate, professional approach when under the care of Dr. Basu, along with meticulous surgical technique, performed in a clinic with hospital-level health and safety procedures. If you are experiencing any symptoms of discomfort, hardened tissue, lumps or infection, or you are ready to return to your natural breast size, the schedule a consultation with Dr. Basu.

Breast implant removal in Houston

Our state-of-the-art plastic surgery center was built to provide a superior patient experience and manage the critical issues of health and safety correctly.

Your breast implant removal surgery will be performed in his onsite surgical center, which far exceeds the requirements of most outpatient cosmetic surgery centers.

You can be completely confident that your breast implant removal will be performed safely, and you will be under the care of licensed nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists. Your first step is to meet with Dr. Basu to discuss your procedure, what it entails and what to expect. When you need breast implants removed, you want the procedure to be performed with your health and safety managed correctly.

We offer our patients a truly superior, world-class experience, and invite you to visit with us at our modern, private, plastic surgery clinic in Houston.