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FaceTite Houston

FaceTite is a dream come true if you’re looking for a non-surgical approach to antiaging and smoother, tighter skin. FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure that effectively removes unwanted fullness and improves skin laxity, offering a lifted, contoured, and more youthful appearance without the incisions and social downtime of a surgical facelift. With FaceTite, bipolar radiofrequency boosts and stimulates collagen by heating and contracting the tissue from the inside out. It is ideal for treating the face and neck and may be equally effective for those who want to combat the “batwing” effect in their upper arms.

Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery offers today’s top technology for non-surgical procedures. For skin tightening and contouring (fat reduction) of the chin and small isolated areas, FaceTite has proven to deliver noticeable and appreciative results for our patients.

FaceTite Before and After Photos

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How much does FaceTite cost?

The cost of your FaceTite treatment is dependent on the area we’re treating, your unique anatomy, and if it’s being combined with any other procedures as part of your treatment plan. We’re happy to share price ranges over the phone and will go over how the cost is calculated in detail prior to treatment.

With FaceTite and all the services we offer at Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to educating our patients about every detail before you come to the office, including the costs.

We also offer easy financing options to help make your procedure even more affordable. If you have a CareCredit card, remember you can use that for FaceTite too!

Are there any specials or deals for FaceTite?

Be sure to check our specials page for our current offers, and read more about our B Exclusive VIP Membership to stay on top of your aesthetic regimen and receive the maximum in anti-aging benefits over time for a low monthly fee starting at just $149/month.

How many FaceTite treatments will I need to see results?

FaceTite is performed as a single in-office treatment. FaceTite is often combined with Morpheus8, and other procedures for those seeking improvement in skin texture, pigmentation, or wish to address multiple concerns in a single procedure.

How long does a FaceTite procedure take?

The FaceTite procedure can be completed in as little as 45 minutes, however, it varies depending upon what other procedures may be combined in your treatment.

Does FaceTite hurt?

FaceTite doesn’t hurt. We prepare you for the procedure with local anesthesia and utilize tumescent anesthesia to make this a very comfortable treatment. Post-procedure recommendations will be provided so you’re able to manage any discomfort following the procedure.

How long does it take to recover after FaceTite and see the final results?

Recovery from FaceTite can be less than a surgical procedure. It is normal to experience swelling and possible bruising in the treated area for a few days to weeks. This varies depending on what other treatments are combined with FaceTite.

Some patients notice positive changes within a few weeks following treatment, however, it can take up to 3-6 months to fully appreciate your final result.

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How long will my FaceTite results last?

FaceTite results may last up to 5 years. Results are dependent upon lifestyle, environment, and genetics.

Are there any alternatives to FaceTite?

A surgical facelift with or without submental liposuction is an option. During your consultation, we will make recommendations as to what treatment option may help you best achieve your goals.

Who does the FaceTite procedure at Basu Plastic Surgery?

FaceTite is performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. C. Bob Basu, a nationally recognized leader in aesthetic surgery and patient safety who has performed thousands of facial rejuvenation procedures.

How soon can I get a FaceTite appointment?

New patients need a consultation before FaceTite and similar procedures are scheduled but don’t hesitate to call (713) 799-2278 and inquire about appointment availability as we are often able to schedule consults for the same day or the next day.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Basu

The results of your surgery are the direct result of the experience, skills, and artistry of your plastic surgeon. Dr. Bob Basu has successfully performed over 16,000 aesthetic procedures and has over 14 years of experience. Dr. Basu has honed his techniques and artistry and is known for his superior surgical results. He believes the key to excellent results is to enhance and perfect your existing features. He performs all surgeries with 100% honesty regarding the results you can expect to achieve.

Our practice has two locations for your convenience, in both Cypress and the Galleria and Uptown Houston area. To take the first step toward achieving your ideal look with FaceTite, call our Houston office today at (713) 799-2278 or contact us online .