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Category Archives: Body Contouring

Young fit woman with slim curves following BBL and tummy tuck

Can I do a tummy tuck and a BBL at the same time?

If you are thinking of rejuvenating your figure, it’s no surprise that you are considering combining a tummy tuck with a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). These procedures perfectly complement each other, dramatically enhancing the other’s results. But it’s important to be a good candidate health-wise and to have realistic expectations for the recovery. Combining these …

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Beautil fit woman on the beach in bikini after Emsculpt treatment

What You Need to Know About Emsculpt, the New Body Contouring Technology Everyone’s Talking About.

It’s no secret that our Houston plastic surgery patients are increasingly seeking minimally-invasive methods for sculpting their physiques; after all, CoolSculpting® has been one of our most requested treatments for years! This year, we’re excited to add yet another non-surgical option to our body contouring offerings: Emsculpt. If your New Year’s resolution is to slim …

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Woman of All Shapes and Sizes both With and Without a FUPA

How to (Finally) Say Goodbye to Your FUPA

Do you struggle with unwanted fat in your pubic area? You’re not alone. The term “FUPA,” or “fat upper pubic area,” made headlines when Beyoncé name-dropped the condition after her pregnancy, but FUPAs have been affecting men and women forever. And while Queen Bey said she was enjoying her FUPA, we don’t all share her …

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Woman Enjoys Results from CoolSculpting at Basu Plastic Surgery

Is Massage Really Necessary After CoolSculpting?

Have you heard about people getting a massage after their CoolSculpting treatment and wondered why? Spoiler: post-CoolSculpting massage isn’t simply a “spa add-on”; it’s actually performed for a very specific reason, and in this post, we’ll explore why massage after CoolSculpting is becoming increasingly popular—and whether or not it can help optimize your results. What …

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Dr Basu Updates Houston patients on the safety of Brazilian Butt Lift BBL surgeries

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Safety Update: Report on the Latest Task Force Findings

If you’ve ever considered enhancing your buttocks, you may have heard warnings about the safety of the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), a surgical operation that can add natural-looking shape to the buttocks via a fat transfer procedure. While qualified plastic surgeons have been safely performing butt lifts for a number of years, unscrupulous doctors were …

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woman sits on bed and examines her thigh for cellulite

How Many CoolSculpting® Treatments Do I Need?

Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Basu Answers Your Questions About Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Here at Basu Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, we meet many patients looking to reduce fat in areas of their body. While liposuction has a long track record of success, we are pleased to also offer CoolSculpting, a fat reduction technique that requires no …

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