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Five Lifestyle Changes to Make Before Plastic Surgery

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Plastic SurgeryTaking steps to improve your health and preparing your body (and mind) for plastic surgery can help ensure beautiful, successful results. In this blog post, Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Bob Basu shares his recommendations on lifestyle changes to make prior to your procedure.

1.   Quit Smoking

Not only is smoking terrible for your overall health, it also increases your risk of serious complications during plastic surgery. Dr. Basu recommends you quit smoking at least four weeks ahead of your procedure. Smoking can also affect the way your body recovers and heals, so it is imperative that you avoid smoking for at least a few weeks after your surgery. Also consider refraining from drinking before your surgery, and if you choose to drink during your recovery, do so in moderation.

2.   Follow a Healthy Diet

Following a well-balanced and healthy diet strengthens your immune system and reduces your risk of infection after surgery. Keep your energy and strength levels up by supplementing your diet with foods rich in Vitamins A and C, zinc, copper and selenium. Lean meats that are rich in protein help repair injured tissue during recovery.

3.   Exercise Regularly

Regular cardiovascular exercise prior to your procedure keeps the immune system strong, so your body can heal faster from surgery. Exercise is also important for keeping the skin tight and firm (ideal candidates for plastic surgery have firm and elastic skin). During the first few weeks after surgery, you will have to avoid strenuous activity, including exercise. Do not resume exercising until after Dr. Basu gives you his approval during a follow-up appointment.

4.   Avoid Aspirin

Aspirin and other blood-thinning medications can interfere with the body’s blood-clotting mechanisms and can put you at risk for excessive bleeding and bruising. Certain supplements may react badly to anesthesia and other medications used during and after surgery. To help you recover properly, Dr. Basu will provide you a list of medications and supplements to avoid before and after surgery.

5.   Prepare Yourself Emotionally

Excitement and anxiety are both normal before plastic surgery. Stress, however, can negatively affect your immune system. Practice deep relaxation breaths and meditation to minimize your stress levels. If you are feeling nervous about your upcoming procedure, reach out to Dr. Basu. He will gladly answer all of your questions and discuss the procedure and recovery process in detail with you so you know what to expect from your surgery.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Basu, contact us today. Please call our Houston office at (713) 799-2278. One of our team members will be happy to assist you.

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