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Can my Breasts Get Bigger After a Breast Reduction?

People who are interested in surgically reducing their breast size often ask us “can my breasts get bigger after a breast reduction?” It’s natural to be hesitant about choosing to undergo surgery without knowing if the results will be long-lasting. Let’s look at how a breast reduction works, which will help us address the possibility of breast size increase after the surgery. 

How a Breast Reduction Works

During a breast reduction, Dr. Basu removes tissue from the breasts, physically reducing their size and weight. Additionally, some patients choose to combine a breast reduction with a breast lift, which removes skin and tightens the breasts while lifting them up. There is no part of breast reduction surgery that physically prevents future increases in size, although this rarely happens without substantial cause. 

How Breast Size Can Increase After a Breast Reduction

First, it is important to know that breast tissue generally does not spontaneously grow back. In the majority of cases, a breast reduction results in a significant reduction in breast size. When is this not the case? The primary reasons we may see an increase in breast size after a breast reduction surgery include:

  • Pregnancy: When a woman becomes pregnant after a breast reduction, the results can be compromised. It is expected that most women gain several pounds in their breasts over the course of a pregnancy, and many report their breasts growing about 2 cup sizes. A breast reduction cannot prevent your breasts from increasing in size during pregnancy. While many women have breast reductions before having children, it is important to understand that your breast size is still likely to increase during pregnancy body changes as well as breastfeeding. 
  • Weight gain: If someone gains weight after a breast reduction, it is natural for some of that weight to accumulate in the breast area. Remember that a breast reduction makes your current breast size smaller. While this change is often long-lasting, the surgery does not prevent the breasts from increasing in size. With notable weight gain, we expect there would be some increase in breast size. 
  • Hormones or medications: Everyone’s body reacts differently to hormonal changes like menopause, or medications. While it is not common to see significant change, some women find that menopause or medications may lead to an increase in breast size. 

How Can I Prevent Breast Size Increase After a Breast Reduction?

Most patients will not have a substantial increase in breast size after their Houston breast reduction surgery. However, one way to help ensure your breasts remain a smaller size is to maintain your weight. Additionally, if you become pregnant you should expect an increase in breast size, as you would with any pregnancy. 

Breast Sagging

As we age, it is inevitable that our skin loses elasticity, and gravity’s effects show in many parts of the body. All women, regardless of whether they’ve had breast reduction surgery, can expect some sagging in their breasts. Since heavier breasts often sag more, many women find that after breast reduction surgery, they have less sagging than they would expect with larger breasts. 

Most people who choose breast reduction surgery find that the results can be life-changing. Patients report reductions in back and shoulder pain, an increase in their ability to be active, and a change in the way they feel overall. While most breast reductions are long-lasting, it is important to take into consideration the factors that may affect your results. Dr. Basu and his team would be happy to talk to you in detail about a breast reduction, what type of results you can expect, and if they anticipate any risk factors for a breast size increase after the surgery. Please contact us to set up a consultation.

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