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These Celebs Are Open & Proud About Their Liposuction Surgery

celebirty is open and proud about liposuction dr basu houston plastic surgery

It’s 2020, and lip filler and Botox are in no way hush-hush procedures. But even though many celebrities now freely divulge these non-surgical touch-ups, public discussion of cosmetic surgery is still less common.

Thankfully, the shyness around discussing aesthetic surgery is finally dissolving. This article published in RealSelf discusses 11 celebrities who have publicly shared news of their liposuction, as well as many other cosmetic procedures. If celebrities are meters of cultural change, our culture may be slowly opening up to what the article calls the “elephant on the red carpet.”

Celebrities offer real-life examples of why patients choose cosmetic surgery

Clay Aiken of American Idol told an interviewer that he decided on chin liposuction as a complementary procedure while undergoing surgery for tempro-mandibular joint disorder. Sharon Osborne, cohost on The Talk, shared that she underwent numerous surgeries including a body lift after her dramatic weight loss. Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes said of her liposuction, “I just wanted a tune-up. I still wanted to look like NeNe, the Black woman that I am, but a better version.”

Most public figures with a perceived “perfect” appearance weren’t born that way. Understanding this can go a long way towards helping you feel secure in your own body as it is.

To us, these are everyday stories; we love to hear the public conversation around cosmetic surgery growing to sound more like the real conversations we have with our own patients! Demystifying aesthetic procedures allows men and women who are considering a life-changing surgery to embrace their best selves.

If nobody ever talks about their plastic surgery, it can lead to misconceptions—and even create unnecessary feelings of insecurity when people compare themselves to their celebrity idols. It’s important for people to know that most public figures with a perceived “perfect” appearance weren’t born that way. Understanding this can go a long way towards helping you feel secure in your own body as it is, as well as calm any anxiety you may have about making a desired change to your appearance.

Liposuction is more common than you think

Consider this: In 2019 alone, over 237,000 women and 32,000 men underwent a liposuction procedure. While there are multiple newer liposuction techniques available, such as SmartLipo, at the end of the day, they are all forms of this tried-and-true method of fat reduction that reliably helps many people to reduce unwanted fat and feel themselves again. With about 90% of patients feeling satisfied with their surgical results, liposuction deserves the spotlight.

Liposuction is, for many, that life-changing procedure that allows them to meaningfully change the proportions of their body. The results of liposuction are also long-lasting: those specific fat cells have been removed, and while maintaining your weight is the best way to preserve your results, even if you should put on a few pounds in future, the weight will be distributed differently (and fairly proportionately) across your new shape.

Celebrities can help educate the public on cosmetic surgery recovery

At the 2019 Beale Street Music Festival, Cardi B shared—onstage—that she had recently recovered from liposuction. In a later interview, she explained that she wanted to promote awareness of the seriousness of the process. She didn’t want people who saw pictures of celebrities post-liposuction to underestimate the recovery.

“I feel like people look at girls on Instagram and go, ‘Oh, they got their lipo done, and it was so easy,’” the rapper explained. “It is just such a long, hard process, almost like the same process as after you give birth to a baby and you see your body change and snapping it back.”

Patients who go into liposuction surgery well-informed about the recovery process tend to love their results and rate the procedure very highly. That’s why we are so pleased to see Cardi B and other celebrities talking about the reality of the procedure.

Steps to a healthy liposuction recovery

Liposuction recovery is no walk in the park—a healthy recovery requires dedication! While liposuction may sound like a simple procedure, it is critical for patients to anticipate what they will feel like after surgery and to commit to their recovery. As medications wear off, patients may feel groggy and emotional. Their body will be sore, and they are likely to experience bruising in the area of liposuction. To ensure a healthy recovery, I implore my patients to follow this protocol:

  1. Wear compression garments 24/7 for 1 month, and as much as possible for the next 2 months for optimal benefits.
  2. Book lymphatic drainage massages, in which light pressure encourages the lymph nodes to drain properly, reducing swelling and promoting optimal healing.
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Eat a healthy diet. Maintain the results of the liposuction with a steady weight. While the removed fat cells are gone for good, the remaining fat cells can still grow.
  5. Wait a few days before returning to work.
  6. Do not exercise or engage in strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks.

Here at Basu Plastic Surgery in Houston, we pride ourselves on informing patients in great depth. We provide extensive, personalized procedure information booklets to make sure you understand what the entire process will be like.

For more celebrities who shared their cosmetic surgery stories, you can read the full article on RealSelf here.

Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in Houston

Remember that the most critical choice you make in plastic surgery is your surgeon. Find an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon you trust, and they will guide every step—from deciding which procedure will best accomplish your goals, to helping you set realistic expectations, all the way through a safe recovery to a beautiful outcome.

Dr. Basu has years of experience getting beautiful results with Houston liposuction procedures, as you can see from our before-and-after photo gallery. Patients looking for cosmetic surgery in the Houston or Cypress area can schedule a consultation in Dr. Basu’s comfortable office. Call us at 713.799.2278 or contact us online.

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